Museum Lothar Fischer Neumarkt

Annual special exhibitions bring the works of Lothar Fischer, exhibited in the museum, in a fascinating dialog with other, sometimes even new, artistic views. The dialog partners are by no means picked randomly from the vast pool of twentieth century or contemporary art. Firstly, Fischer’s work presents a high standard of quality; secondly, his oeuvre also bares the possibility for the museum to have a profile, which distinguishes itself from other exhibition venues.
In accordance with the benefactor, our venue has given a forum solely to sculptures, which have been neglected in many museums due to the spreading of video art and photography. Moreover, it is essential to exhibit sculptural art, which Fischer discusses in his book Zur Kunst aus bildnerischer Sicht (On art from a sculptural perspective). In his programmatic text, he states all European and non-European art have a common principle: the indispensible dominance of form over substance. The profile of the venue is, therefore, significantly designed with Fischer’s artistic vision in mind. The three temporary exhibitions per year usually deal with different generations of artists. An exhibition of early twentieth-century modernism, one of the art between the 1960s/1970s from the circle of the sculptor and one of a younger contemporary position each will be shown. Every two years, the latter of the three exhibitions features the works of the Lothar Fischer Award winner.