Lothar Fischer Award

In a two-year cycle, the Lothar & Christel Fischer Foundation in collaboration with the City of Neumarkt grants the Lothar Fischer Award. It honors a still living artist, who is free from fads of the art market, has shown an independent profile, and whose work has the potential to achieve a great contribution to sculptural art in the future. The award is to be understood as aid money with the emphasis on sculpturing and should distinguish a work that encompasses Fischer’s understanding of art, is in accord with the museum’s profile, and possesses a lasting artistic quality. The award winner has to be willing to hold an exhibition in the museum one year after receiving the award.

A jury nominates the artists. Chairman of the Jury is the Munich gallery owner Marie-José van de Loo, member of the foundation’s board of directors. The selected award winner receives an award fee of 5,000 Euro and the possibility to exhibit in the temporary exhibition room of the museum one year after the public offer of the reward. There is no claim to it though.

Lothar Fischer Award 2005

Klaus Hack


Lothar Fischer Award 2007

Rolf Wicker


Lothar Fischer Award 2009

Brigitte Schwacke


Lothar Fischer Award 2011

Martin Wöhrl


Lothar Fischer Award 2013

Felix Schramm


Lothar Fischer Award 2015

Stefan Rohrer


Lothar Fischer Award 2017

Leunora Salihu