Formations, Spatial Drawings

June 25, 2017 – October 8, 2017

Introduction: Dr. Petra Oelschlägel
Director Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach

Her drawings overarch spaces. Monika Grzymala (*1970 in Zabrze, Poland) is an internationally renowned artist, who has lived in Germany for many years and is now based in Berlin. After finishing her training as a stone sculptor, she studied Liberal Arts with Bogomir Ecker at the  Hamburg Hochschule für bildende Künste (University of Fine Arts of Hamburg) and in 2003 she was awarded a DAAD scholarship in New York. Her drawings are not drawings in the traditional sense. She thinks and works the way a sculptor does. With her spatial drawings, - whose linealogy is predetermined by the shape and materiality of her special, mostly dark tapes, - she explores, understands, feels, occupies and animates rooms in a three-dimensional way. Motion leads to kilometre-long lineages and most versatile formations. “Drawing is a process of thought which is conducted by the hand.” she says. Spatial drawings is what she calls her three-dimensional works, which are always created for a specific location.

In this exhibition, Grzymala refers to Lothar Fischer´s text “Über das Zeichnen” (About drawing), but she uses the term in a broader sense, adding the third dimension. With her site-specific installation in the main showroom of the museum she enters into an intense dialogue with the architecture of Berschneider + Berschneider, with the proportions, the light, the atmosphere of the specific location. What is essential for Grzymala´s accessible installations is the human being as a corresponding counterpart, whose perception changes with their respective position. Although all of Grzymala´s installations are based on a clear, elaborate concept, the work in progress always turns out as a process that develops step by step, meter by meter, reacting to the special context. “As an artist wo travels a lot to create new pieces of art in most different situations, I realised rather soon that my virtual studio is mainly located in my brain, so that I always carry it with me.”

During the past 20 years the artist, who has been awarded with numerous prizes and scholarships, created more than 80 two- and three-dimensional interventions at various locations, among others at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (USA), the TAM Tokyo Art Museum (Japan), the 18th Biennale of Sydney (Australia, 2012), the Reykjavik Art Museum (Iceland), the Kunsthalle Hamburg (Germany), and the Albertina, Vienna (Austria).

The site-specific, ephemeral installation on the ground floor of  the Museum Lothar Fischer - a museum mainly dedicated to sculpture – is not the only example of her artwork in the house. Some of Monika Grzymala´s spatial drawings in handmade Washi paper, which she makes from mulberry bast, are displayed upstairs. Together with a number of sculptures made of found objects, wire and paper clay they give a vivid impression not only of the versatility of Grzymala´s 0euvre but also of her highly sophisticated approach.