Chronology of Events 2000 – 2013
From the Idea for a Foundation to the Realization of the Museum Lothar Fischer

2000 The poet Margret Hölle and the sculptor Lothar Fischer, who like her spent his childhood in Neumarkt, meet. He talks to her about the idea of a foundation. Lord Mayor Alois Karl, now member of the German Bundestag, and at the time Mayor Arnold Graf considers the possibility of a presentation of Fischer’s work. In December Lothar Fischer receives the Cultural Award of the City of Neumarkt.
2001 The artist is commissioned to create a fountain on the Residenzplatz across from the Reitstadel (Riding Stable).
2002 Accompanied by a controversial discussion on part of the citizenry, the fountain Drei Reiter (Three Horsemen) is installed. On 25 June, the city council sanctions the construction of the Museum Lothar Fischer and the installation of a sculpture path. On 7 October, the artist, together with his wife Christel, set up the Lothar & Christel Fischer Foundation in Baierbrunn near Munich, where the couple had lived since 1979. The Upper Palatinate Government recognizes the Foundation on 26 September. The first meeting of the board and curatorship of the Foundation, chosen personally by the artist, takes place on 7 October in the city hall. On 20 December, Mr. and Mrs. Fischer sign the cooperation agreement with the city.
2003 The foundation stone ceremony takes place in attendance of the Fischers, in spite of strong criticism by the citizens’ initiative Pro Stadtpark (Pro City Park), which is against the city’s actions. The roofing ceremony takes place on Lothar Fischer’s seventieth birthday on 8 November and those interested in the arts discuss the idea of founding a friends’ association of the museum.
2004 Fischer dies on 15 June after a long severe illness in Baierbrunn near Munich. Four days later, however, the museum is opened as planned. The first temporary exhibition Lothar Fischer und Weggefährten (Lothar Fischer and Companions) is held. The exhibition includes numerous works from the collection Lothar and Christel Fischer.
2005 The ten thousandth visitor is welcomed. Sati Zech. Rote und schwarze Arbeiten. (Sati Zech. Red and Black Works.) is the title of the second special exhibition starting in April of this year. Parallel to this exhibition, works from the museum inventory and Fischer’s master students during his time as professor at the Hochschule der Künste (University of Arts) in Berlin are displayed on the second floor of the museum. In June, the exhibition Michael Croissant. Köpfe 1950 – 2002 (Michael Croissant. Heads 1950 – 2002) is opened. At the same time, works from Michael Croissant’s teacher, Toni Stadler, are shown on the second floor. On the occasion of the vernissage, the Lothar-Fischer-Award is given for the first time: it is awarded to Klaus Hack. A vacation workshop is held in the Museum during the month of August. In November, an invitation is made to the opening of the exhibition Hans Purrmann – Aquarelle und ausgewählte Leinwände (Hans Purrmann – Aquarelles and Selected Canvases). At the same time, six posthumous cast sculptures of Fischer’s are introduced. On the day of the Purrmann vernissage, Christel Fischer and Alois Karl accept, in Bamberg, the Friedrich Baur Award for Outstanding Artist and Artistic Institutions of the North Bavarian.
2006 The fifth special exhibition Inge Gutbrod muSEEum – Neue Arbeiten (Inge Gutbrod muSEEum – New Works) opens in May before the second Museum Festival is held in June. In July, the sixth temporary exhibition, Klaus Hack – Lothar Fischer Award 2005, is set up in the Foundation Museum. On the second floor, selected works from the other nominees are shown. The presentation Art Collective SPUR, which was previously exhibited at the Villa Stuck in Munich, is opened in November.
2007 A record number of visitors was achieved with 600 guests coming on one weekend at the end of the SPUR-retrospective. Franz Bernhard – Works from 1968 to Today is the name of an exhibition starting in March, it is expanded with sculpture drawings from the museum inventory in the collection room. The third Museum Festival is held in June. The ninth temporary exhibition, Henning Kürschner, Painting – Pomona Zipser, Sculpture, starts in July. On the occasion of the vernissage, the Lothar Fischer Award 2007 is given to Rolf Wicker. The exhibition Art Collective GEFLECHT – Works form 1965 – 1968 is presented already in September, after it had been shown in the City Hall Gallery Munich during the summer. In November, the AG Bildhauermuseen und Skulpturensammlungen e.V. (Work Group Sculptor Museum and Sculpture Collections Association) meet in the Foundation Museum before the temporary exhibition Alberto Giacometti 1901 – 1966, Klewan Collection opens.
2008 It is decided in January that Fischer’s archival estate will be transferred to Nuremberg to the German Art Archive at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum. In April, the exhibition Das eigene Ich – Maria Lassnig und ihre Schülerinnen Johanna Freise und Regina Götz (The Own Self – Maria Lassnig and her Students Johanna Freise and Regina Götz) is opened. For the vernissage, one entire room is dedicated to the Pop Art sculptures of Fischer’s, which were previously restored on the initiative of the Friends’ Association. In July, the exhibition Rolf Wicker – Lothar-Fischer-Award 2007 opens. At the same time, works from other nominees are shown on the second floor. Die sichtbare Stille. Giorgio Mornadi im Dialog mit Plastiken von Christina von Bitter (The Visual Silence. Giorgio Morandi in Dialog with Sculptures of Christina von Bitter) can be viewed in the museum starting in October. The Friends’ Association of the Museum is able to privately acquire Gesockelte Sphinx (Mounted Sphinx) in bronze and Großer Weiblicher Torso (Large Female Torso) in clay and donates both to the museum.


Beginning in March, the exhibition Herbert Peters (1925-2006) – Stone, Iron, Bronze, Plaster is shown. In May, the Friends’ Association of the Museum Lothar Fischer obtains a further work of art for the museum: the bronze unique copy Gekreuzigter (The Crucified) from 1961. The exhibition Anziehung & Ausstrahlung, 5 Jahre Museum Lothar Fischer (Attraction & Vibrancy, 5 Years Museum Lothar Fischer) with an accompanying catalog and the documentation room Der dritte Raum (The Third Room) with an installation made out of cable retainers opens. Brigitte Schwacke receives the Lothar Fischer Award. The fifth Museum Festival commences in the afternoon. For the five year anniversary, the gallery family van de Loo donates to the Foundation Fischer’s stone sculpture Humpty-Dumpty sits on a horse, 1964/65, which is now on permanent display near the museum. Beginning on 27 September, the exhibition Jean Dubuffet. Ein Leben im Laufschritt (Jean Dubuffet. A Life in Double Quick) is shown in modified form in dialog with the Munich artists collective SPUR; it previously was displayed in the Langen Foundation, Neuss, and in the Hypo-Kulturstiftung, Munich. The publication Posthume Güsse, Bilanz und Perspektiven (Posthumous Casts, Balance and Perspectives) is available, which also contains the essay Eine Entscheidung unter Auflagen, Posthume Güsse bei Lothar Fischer ab 2005 (A Decision With Conditions, Posthumous Casts with Lothar Fischer Beginning 2005).
2010 In January, the exhibition Rolf Szymanski. Die Flucht aus der Zeit (Rolf Szymanski. The Flight from Time) opens with the artist present and outside the museum, the six meter high (19.96 ft.) high massive work Große Synagoge (Large Synagogue) is on display until until 6 June. For Brigitte Schwacke – Lother Fischer Preis 2009 (Brigitte Schwacke – Lothar Fischer Award 2009) the artist actualizes her delicate space oriented work Horizont (Horizon) made out of alloyed wire in the temporary exhibition room starting in June. For this exhibition an edition object and an extensive catalog, which documents the creations of the sculptress, are released. On the second floor of the museum, selected works by all nominated artists for the award are displayed. On 26 and 27 June, the sixth Museum Festival is held. The highlight of the exhibition year is the exhibition Henry Moore – Natur und Figur, Druckgrafik und ausgewählte Plastiken (Henry Moore – Nature and Figure, Graphic Reproduction and Selected Sculptures), which opens on 17 October with the Bavarian Cultural Minister Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch present. After the success of the first Neumarkt’s Night of Culture, on 23 October, the STAEDTLER-Foundation generously donates the Fischer sculpture Kartenspieler (Card Players) from 1966 to the museum at the end of the month. A few weeks later, the Friends’ Association of the Museum Lothar Fischer obtains the five-part clay sculpture Variationen über “Der Familientag” (Varations on “The Family Day”) from 1965. Both privately owned works belong to the main creations of the museum founder.
2011 After the record number of visitors of the Moore presentation, which ends on
9 January, the exhibition Toni Stadler und Priska von Martin, Plastiken und Zeichnungen eines Künstlerpaars (Toni Stadler and Priska von Martin, Sculptures and Drawings of an Artist Couple) is installed at the end of the month. In late May, the exhibition Menno Fahl und Friedemann Grieshaber – Form, Figur, Auflösung (Menno Fahl and Friedemann Grieshaber – Form, Figure, Decomposition) follows. Finally, the major events in autumn are the vernissage for the exhibition Carl Schuch 1846 – 1903, Die Sammlung des Morat Instituts (Carl Schuch 1846 – 1903, The Collection of the Morat Institute) on 9 October and Neumarkt’s second Night of Culture on the following Saturday.
2012 On 5 January, the exhibition Emil Cimiotti zum 85. Geburtstag – Den Raum ganz anders besetzen (Emil Cimiotti for His 85th Birthday – To Occupy the Space Completely Different) opens and on 20 May the presentation Martin Wöhrl – Modern Art – Lothar-Fischer-Award 2011 follows. Fischer’s sculptures Großer sitzender weiblicher Torso (Large Sitting Female Torso), 1986, and the bronze unique copy Guter Hirte (Good Shepard), 1953/54, from Heinrich Kirchner are located in the immediate vicinity of the museum. The exhibition Helmut Rieger – Afrika in mir. Ein Dialog mit außereuropäischer Skulptur (Helmut Rieger – Africa Within Me. Dialog With Non-European Sculptures) opens on 23 September and will later be shown in the Kunsthalle St. Annen in Lübeck.
2013 On 20 January, the exhibition Fritz Wotruba – Stehen, Sitzen, Liegen (Fritz Wotruba – Stand, Sit, Lie) opens, followed by Kristina Redeker-Warter – Innen & Außen (Kristina Redeker-Warter – Inside & Outside) on 12 May.